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Hucclecote Model Railway Show 2017


Friday 16th June

Saw the start of the exhibition with the folding board being transported up the the Hucclecote Methadist church, two hours later with no injuries and only minor damage to the board we were ready to go.  The board was tested and then shutdown for the night.

Saturday 17th June

Doors opened at 10am so work started early to ensure the board was ready, fortunately setting up on Friday Night meant that we just had to plug it back in, test and check we all had enough chairs, drinks and food for the day.

The Fayre was busy and we had many visitors to the stand both young and old, and many people seemed to be suprised that visitors could actually play with the trains.

A good day was had by all and by 5pm everything was packed away and back in storage.




Folding Board

Hucclecote Model Railway Show 2017 - Round the corner

Hucclecote Model Railway Show 2017 - Top of the hill

Hucclecote Model Railway Show 2017 - Signal Box